Q: How long does it take to have a lens ready and shipped to me?

A: If a lens is in stock and requires no further upgrades, it can be process and shipped within 7 business days. Actual shipping time can vary based on country/location.

If a lens requires special modifications (e.g., added variable aperture), then it can take up to 10 weeks for your lens to ship, depending on several factors.

We have your lens specially adapted according to your custom order, so each lens is handled and tested individually. For that reason, we aim to focus on accuracy and precision.


Q: Does The Boutique Lens make these lenses?

A: No. The original companies (ISCO, Schneider, etc.) of the lenses designed, manufactured, and sold the lenses originally. Now, The Boutique Lens will either outright adapt/mod, commission machinists to make special adaptations, or source lenses that have already been adapted/modded previously.


Q: Does The Boutique Lens ship worldwide?

A: We have currently encountered no issues with shipping to various countries.

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