Image taken with Pentax 67 and Super Snaplite 7” f/1.9

Image taken with Pentax 67 and Super Snaplite 7” f/1.9


The Super Snaplite possesses one of the most beautiful renderings of any lens we’ve used. The bokeh circles it produces have a crisp edge, but is overall very smooth and painterly, comparable to an Aero Ektar. It was originally designed as a cinema projection lens, though it makes for a truly magical adaptation to film cameras.

There is a subtle and interesting swirl when used on 6x7 that creates a very interesting feel to the overall photo; an effect that almost appears as if the bokeh is dancing around the subject, especially when center-composed.

Super Snaplites can create rather sharp images if they are properly clean. They possess excellent contrast, though we have found that adding a little contrast in post is usually nice.

These lenses are rather large and possess an eye-catching shiny gold finish, though many of the remaining lenses have quite a bit of external wear due to use and age.

A range of Super Snaplites exist, although only certain focal lengths can be successfully adapted to medium format film.

Most Super Snaplites have a widest possible aperture of f/1.9.

Kollmorgen Super Snaplite Collection


Photo Credit: Lexington wedding photographers, Jeff & Michele