Schneider Cinelux Ultra MC 115mm f/2

Schneider Cinelux Ultra MC 115mm f/2


The Schneider Cinelux Ultra MC 115mm f/2 is a lens of amazing quality. The bokeh produced by this lens has a slightly smoother edge than the Contax Zeiss 80mm f/2, though overall subject pop is slightly better than the 80mm f/2.

In our opinion, the Cinelux appears a bit more “modern” and refined than the 80mm f/2, while still possessing the character which many modern “sterile” lenses do not.

It can cover and focus to infinity up to a Pentax 67.

  • Subtle, lovely bokeh

  • Excellent contrast

  • Subject pops

  • Can fit 6x7 and focus to infinity on Pentax 67

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